Sustainable Activities of the Month

For human civilization and the environment to co-exist, and to maintain the ecological balance, it is important to survive without compromising on the needs of future generations. Sustainability is understanding the impact humans have on earth, and what we leave for the generations to come. At CHIREC, we believe in educating students about sustainability not only to […]

Shifting towards educational equality

IB 11 students, Devesh Bag and Aatif Akbar, have been volunteering with Teach for India for the last 5 months and have been actively contributing to an important social cause. Here is what they have to say about their journey with Teach For India: We volunteer for Teach For India, an organization that aims to […]

Understanding Teenage Depression

The period of adolescence can be compared with an “emotional roller coaster ride” wherein there are days of finding oneself on top of the world, days of feeling utterly low, moments of ecstasy, moments of fear and uncertainty, moments of thrill, confusion and the mood swinging like a pendulum. It is a period of transition […]

Let’s talk about Video Game Addiction

With the evolution of technology gradually over the years, many of us seek instant gratification of not just our needs but also our desires. Some Video games, gadgets and social media have really caught the fancy of the teenagers of this generation and is quite a rage among them. They too find gaming more engaging […]

Learning to be Humans

Learning is a continuous process and it can be obtained from anything and everything around us. It’s a process that builds up our character and helps us define our personality. Learning has the potential to build or break one’s character. We all find solace in a thought that says we will learn enough from books […]

A True Guide’s Role in Overcoming Exam Phobia

September, being the month of Term examinations in most schools, sees an increase in the number of students visiting the staff-room ‘on purpose’. The scenario altogether remains different the rest of the year. As a teacher, I have noticed in the eyes of these students, who frequently visit the staff-room, something that troubles me a […]

The Hidden Curriculum: Value Oriented

Education helps in expressing opinions and participating in moral discussions with different individuals. The integral growth of a human begins from this land of ethics and creates views and attitudes towards a good future. Value and education extend over each other in some areas. The true intention of education is to help instill curiosity and […]

Engaging Classroom Themes for Pre-Primary

CHIREC organized a Chart Competition at the Jubilee Hills & Gachibowli Campuses on July 11, 2019, where all the Pre-Primary teachers decorated their classrooms surrounding a theme of their choice. The competition showcased the extensive creativity and talent of the teachers and added a colorful vibe to the campus. The decorations not only added to […]

Teaching: A Profession by Choice

When we are young, we are often asked as to what we would like to become when we grow up. What are the probable answers? Being a teacher, I too have questioned the same to my students and the many answers that I get to hear are: ‘lawyer’, ‘scientist’, ‘engineer’, ‘soldier’ and the obvious one […]

CAS – A Celebration of Learning

CAS – Creativity, Activity, Service – is a part of the IBDP program that helps young learners imbibe all the IB learner attributes through productive engagement over the course of their study. It helps learners pick up valuable leadership, communication, and organizational skills. To take this one step further, the students of CHIREC organized CAScade, […]