It is easy to connect with anyone, anywhere, and at any time for most of us in today’s world. Isn’t it? I am sure most of us must have answered this question positively.

OH! But, it is not about being connected on Messenger or Facebook or Instagram…

I am surprised and astonished, that it took some time for me to connect with…

Connect with whom?

I am an individual who relates to different personalities in my life. To start with being a parent, it was difficult for me to connect with my children. I had to think of the attributes and interests we share. What is it that can connect us? Is there anything in common? Yes, maybe a leisure activity or food item that we can enjoy together. Amidst my busy schedule, juggling between work and home, I was able find 10 minutes every day to connect with my daughter by spending time on the balcony of our apartment and enjoying a snack together.

My daughter and I always like to share how our day went.

What was the Bubble Out and Bubble In activity? We started discussing the positive or negative parts of the day we had. We connected on how to perceive and help each other to reflect on our actions and change our convictions.

Each one of us has something in common, it is just that we need to make an effort to connect and stay connected. Parents and children who are connected are ready to take on any challenges confidently and positively.

Then as an educator, I am fortunate to interact with learners who are in the age group of 10 to 11 years. Learners look for ways to get the attention of their teachers. Being good with remembering names, it was a piece of cake for me to emotionally and intellectually connect with my learners. Learners lookout for being appreciated, recognized, and noticed and as an educator, it is essential to connect with all our learners, who take special and dear places in our hearts. Positive connections between learners and teachers enhance attributes of responsibility, innovation, confidence, engagement and reflection.

I would also like to share how the “open to all” communication-channel in my class encouraged my learners to talk about their progress. My students discussed their difficulties with me and together, we agreed on the action needed for improvement. I shared their strengths as well as areas of improvement and refinement in a constructive manner. I also guided them what to do next to make further progress.

I created an air of confidence in my class where my learners are free to make errors or underachieve without the fear of being ridiculed. My learners are mindful of the guidance given at each step, which is done by boosting their morale and zeal, setting small tasks and rewarding incremental improvement.

Next being a social animal, I connect with a neighbor or a colleague, a family member or a friend, sometimes even an acquaintance. How do I do this? Maybe a smile, a greeting or a gesture that can help all of us to connect with each other! These are the strings that help me play the music of my life and these connections give way for happiness and keep me going.

Last but not the least is connecting with oneself. It is after-all the core to our well-being and functioning. Nowadays, many of us are familiar with communicating and connecting using technology especially social media but are not able to interpersonally greet our parents, children, or neighbor’s. It is not the absence of communication skills nor language hindrance, but the hesitation to connect and communicate with others verbally and in person. It is the need of the hour where we, the stakeholders need to make conscious efforts to connect with people around us in small ways.

So, are you all ready to connect with a person next to you? Grab the moment, connect, and live a happy and healthy life!

As P J Caposey once said ––“Great teachers focus not on compliance, but on connections and relationships.”






Ms. Shahana Khan

English Teacher, Primary (Cambridge)


“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.” This helped me strive to become the pleasant person, I believe I am. I enjoy travelling, reading, and cooking. Teaching has been my passion for over two decades and teaching the English Language is my primary area of interest.