At CHIREC, we always strive to develop a better learning and creative environment for students to help them in becoming better thinkers and learners. We also ensure to build a better relationship with parents with regular communication and valuing feedback. We are pleased to inform you that we have started our own blog from this academic year and will be sharing various write-ups coming straight from the brilliant minds at CHIREC.

In this blog, we would like to share with you our new initiatives that reaffirm our dedication to quality and excellence in Education through extensively improving student learning environments, augmenting teacher training with latest pedagogical advancements, and upgrading infrastructure keeping in mind the multifaceted needs of our students and valuable parent feedback.

We believe these initiatives are a stepping stone in making learning more experiential and to better prepare our students for the future.




Play is crucial to optimal child development and their physical, social, and emotional well-being. Keeping this in mind, we have incorporated ‘Free Play time’ for students to develop their imagination and enhance their creativity and social skills.

Early Years Book Club

To encourage an early reading habit, CHIREC has launched an Early Years Book Club to help students collaborate, communicate, and learn from each other.

Kinder Dance

A fun dance program has been designed for the CHIREC Early Years curriculum to help students develop motor skills and communication skills and provide a safe environment to be creative, being able to express themselves, and build social skills.

Screen-free technology

As technology becomes an increasingly important aspect of our lives, CHIREC has invested in a creative, safe, and screen-free solution to help introduce Pre-Primary students to the concepts of programming. Classes will now adopt simple activities, games, and puzzles that will lay a foundation of basic concepts in logic and coding through Kubo.


Project-Based Learning

It is an effective technique to encourage students to analyze problems, correctly adjust, and apply knowledge, much like we do in real life. Our revised lesson plans incorporate more project-based activities to help students develop essential 21st century skills.


New Robotics curriculum


Our upgraded Robotics curriculum engages hands-on exploration with design, construction, electronics and programming. Students use simple Strawbees connectors to understand mechanisms, movement, construction, design, electronics, programming. These classes cultivate students’ ability to look at objects or computer programs and train themselves to gradually be able to come up with new ideas, invent, with more ease as they gain experience.


An AI integrated Computer Science Program

As part of upgrading lesson plans, the school collaborated with industry experts and revised its Computer Science syllabus, incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts to help students explore new ideas and develop skills for future careers.

Students’ Blogs & Department Magazines

To encourage students to write more, the school plans to restart the Student Blog – CHIREC Pulse and introduce Department Magazines for CAIE, CBSE & IB.


An Entrepreneurship Program

The school plans to launch programs aimed at building a spirit of innovation among students, teachers, and alumni through the CHIREC Innovation Hub (C-Hub). As we formalize our plans, we encourage you to get in touch with us if you are interested in collaborating on this venture.


Renovation of the Primary wing

Our CBSE Primary wing in Kondapur has been refurbished and renovated to bring the best possible learning environments for our students. The classrooms are equipped with:

– New collaborative furniture and ACs to provide students and teachers more comfortable learning environments throughout the year.

– Interactive Boards to utilize online resources, display 3D models, organize virtual field trips to different parts of the world, and create rich learning experience for students.

– A blackboard wall in each classroom to foster creativity and make learning more enjoyable.

-The library has been given a modern touch with Bean Bags, Sofas and a small amphitheater to make reading more fun for the students. The activity rooms have also upgraded with new furniture and equipment.


An Upgraded Sports Curriculum

Being implemented in collaboration with EduSports. this upgraded curriculum will allow students to explore different sports and develop various skills, making them healthier and fitter individuals.

MyClassBoard, a School Management Software

We have launched a school management software called MyClassBoard (MCB) that will streamline and integrate all school operations onto a single platform. The platform will primarily facilitate easy and user-friendly communication between the students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Community Outreach Programs

Our students are making us proud year after year by initiating various community outreach programs. However, we believe there is untapped potential at CHIREC to engage in these initiatives on a larger scale and with better impact. With the goal of creating long-lasting relationships and truly helping one another grow, CHIREC aspires to bring together Secondary students to collaborate and lead year-long projects with our 4 adopted government schools in Hyderabad.

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