CHIREC organized a Chart Competition at the Jubilee Hills & Gachibowli Campuses on July 11, 2019, where all the Pre-Primary teachers decorated their classrooms surrounding a theme of their choice. The competition showcased the extensive creativity and talent of the teachers and added a colorful vibe to the campus. The decorations not only added to the aesthetics of the campus but also enhanced the engagement and learning of the students.


Below are the details of the themes of each class!


Jubilee Hills Campus

PPIIA Kangas

Since students love listening to stories, the teachers of Kangas decided to have stories as the classroom theme and called it Story Walk with Kangas. Each story has some information to share such as the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ is to sort the students in their houses according to the colors; ‘Pete’s Big Lunch’ is to segregate students according to their preferred lunch and snack option; ‘Hansel and Gretel’ to display birthdays of the students; ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ to display timetable, etc.

Class Teachers: Ms. Shalaka Nikhil and Ms. Komal Vatnani




The classroom has been decorated on the colorful theme Dora and Boot Treasure Hunt keeping in mind the curious minds of kids. The birthday chart has colorful muffins and the sight words are displayed on a tree with Boot character swinging around. The names for the second language are displayed on the ladder.

Class Teachers: Ms. Ayeesha Uzma and Ms. Jassi Jaspal Kaur



PP1B Tiggers

For the students to fly high using their imagination, the class teachers of PPIB Tiggers decorated the classroom on the theme Sky is the limit with hot air balloons, birds, butterflies, kites, balloons, etc. The charts are creatively made with owls a flying super boy and a super girl with capes.

Class Teachers: Ms. Avirneni Manjari and Ms. Sushneet Kaur



PP1A Simbas

To match with the theme of the class – Camping with Simbas – the charts have been made of the night sky and the fireflies flying out of the jar. The house colors are seen sprinkling different colors in camping tents, the bonfire, the conifer trees, and owls with the caption Happy Campers. The classroom has lantern hangings to enhance the beauty of the theme.

Class Teachers: Ms. Samiya and Ms. Sirisha Vangala



C Nursery A, Snoopys

Students are having a great time in the Jungle Safari themed classroom. The charts have been made keeping in mind the theme that initiates the love for animals. The students are also learning alphabets and numbers through brilliantly created charts. One of the charts has Snoopys maneuvering through the jungle and meeting many animals on their way. A huge caterpillar smiles at the students all the time and one board is entirely dedicated to the forest comprising various animals and is used during the rhyme session and the story time.

Class Teachers: Ms. Disha Kabra and Ms. Megala N



Nursery A Winnies

The classroom decoration is built on the theme Winnies all around. It comprises of colorful charts depicting numbers, alphabets, etc. The charts have Winnie the Pooh playing under a tree, pictures of students, and a Winnie juggling glittery clocks depicting various activities.

Class Teachers: Ms. Sasirekha Gadi and Ms. Madhulatha P



CPP1A Chimps

The theme for this classroom is Buzzing Busy Bees. The teachers made cute little bees with the students’ pictures depicting their mischievousness in the classroom. The charts have colorful pots oozing with golden honey and some cute little honey bees depicting various activities for the students.

Class Teachers: Ms. Richa Goenka and Ms. Asma Zohra Mahmood



CPP2A Ticos

The charts in the class depict the logo and the theme which is TICOS Together to inculcate encourage teamwork and bonding among students. The teachers decorated the classroom keeping in mind the place where TICOS live, their favorite food, etc. They have used cupcakes, trees with different colored branches, colorful buses, and shown TICOS peeping out of a cup and having fun.

Class Teachers: Ms. Madhavi Reddy P and Ms. Maansi Mishra



Gachibowli Campus




CNUR A Moomoos

The classroom was decorated keeping in mind the class logo Moomoos. The decoration was well crafted with farm-based Bullock carts and sheds to keep the curiosity of the students alive.

Class Teachers: Ms. Madhavi Guttula and Ms. Jyothi Subedar


Nursery A

The class teachers of this class believe that the Sky is the Limit for the students and tried to decorate the classroom where the students are free to move around. It gives them a feeling to explore various hands-on activities.

Class Teachers: Ms. Tina Mehra and Ms. Pooja Krishnan



CPP1A Nemos

As the name of the class suggests, the theme was based on Ocean. Crabs, Active Octopus, Mighty Healthy Whales Turtles were used to decorate the charts. The teachers tried to implement the theme by using last years recycled charts, paper chocolate wrappers for the decoration to spread awareness about water pollution.

Class Teachers: Ms. Sapna Goswami and Ms. Sarala Kishore. B



CPP1B Pingus

With theme Transportation, the class was decorated with parachutes along with the students’ pictures. The charts were displayed using different patterns resembling the path where the students reach their destination.

Class Teachers: Ms. Sonal Shethia and Ms. Surisetti Divya Sree


PP1A Bambis

With Spot the Bambis as the theme, the classroom is covered in green with Bambis around in the garden to give a fresh and lively space for the students. The teachers have been conducting various activities to enhance the creativity of the students.

Class Teachers: Ms. Shittal Agarwal and Ms. Taruna Arora



The teachers of Jumbos made a castle with a Jambo King (theme) in it and revolved all the activities around it. The houses, buses, trucks, etc., were made to depict all the charts. The theme has been selected to make every student believe that they are unique and special.

Class Teachers: Ms. Sarika Agarwal and Ms. Palaparthy Gayatri Devi



CPP2A Oswalds

The theme of the class is Oswald’s Neighbourhood. The teachers decorated the soft board with all the relevant important information about the students and put up Oswald’s anecdotes. The sight words on the fishes were displayed for the students to swim into the world of learning.

Class Teachers: Ms. Pooja Upadhyay and Ms. Bhavana Jain



CPP2B Melmans

With Rumble in the Jungle as a theme, the students are engaged in various activities and are experiencing learning with fun.

Class Teachers: Ms. Wulan Suci Hardiningsih and Ms. Uzma Karamath



PP II A Busy Bees

The classroom theme In the Garden witnesses the Busy Bees enjoying their learning with full of joy, fun, and unity in the beautiful and pleasant environment.

Class Teachers: Ms. Sharda Lulla and Ms. Aisha Parveen





The classroom’s decoration goes by the theme Fables and Tales that welcomes students to the world of Fairy Tales. The chart says, “Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly” and motivate students to achieve the dreams set for the lifetime.

Class Teachers: Ms. Roshan Jeet Kaur and Ms. D Sofia Mary



PPIIC Pandas

Teachers chose Kung-Fu Panda as the theme of the class to match with the class logo. The classroom has a few inspiring quotes for the students.

Class Teachers: Ms. Archana Chatterjee and Ms. Noori Begum