When we are young, we are often asked as to what we would like to become when we grow up. What are the probable answers? Being a teacher, I too have questioned the same to my students and the many answers that I get to hear are: ‘lawyer’, ‘scientist’, ‘engineer’, ‘soldier’ and the obvious one – ‘doctor’.  There are hardly any children who reply, ‘I would like to become a teacher,’ and once I hear this, it would touch my heart and bring a broad smile on my face. It’s not that I am not happy hearing the other replies, but the fact makes me wonder – why we don’t encourage our children to become a teacher. Or do we?


Teaching is an art

The practice of imparting knowledge, to help children acquire mastery, cognizance and understanding and make them future-ready is not an easy task. It is a teacher’s craftsmanship, dedication, commitment and devotion that help a child become competent in several areas and understand the world around him. It is only after a mother that a teacher takes in the responsibilities to build a child’s character and his positive outlook towards life and society.

Statistics show that in India, teachers are the lowest paid ‘white-collar’ employees. Ever wondered, irrespective of this, why someone would choose to be a teacher? Well, the answer may vary but one in many apparent answers is that teachers are there to make a difference in the society. It is a profession by choice. They are passionate individuals who curve a niche in the society and bring change. Eminent personalities like Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Savitribai Phule, Dr. Asima Chatterjee, B.K.S. Iyengar were iconic teachers of India, whose supreme contribution in the field of education has helped India shape its future.

To have a bigger impact on teaching as a profession, it is required to seek the attention of the young and dynamic youth of our country. Encouraging and motivating these individuals should perhaps begin at the very onset of their school lives. What could draw these young individuals to the field of teaching? Is it a better pay scale or is it just sheer love, motivation and dedication towards the profession? Well, both can go hand-in-hand. The Government has to take initiatives to better the pay scale for the teachers and also look into the students and teachers receiving the highest attention. Just like any other notable profession, it is also the responsibility of a teacher to learn, utilize, and apply advanced technologies in their daily teaching activities. The Government should create schemes and pass bills for mandatory usage of new technologies in the field of teaching. Existing teachers should be given appropriate training and opportunities to gain hands-on experience on the application of these new technologies.


It is after all, “Padhega India, Tabhi to Badhega India!”


As a successful individual, one should always remember, what he is today is because of a teacher, whose positive impact and faith in him have helped him become ‘the one’ in many. Be it his scholastic or co-scholastic mentor, it is them, besides his parents, who have helped him reach the goal of his life!

 So, would you like to be a teacher – a role model for many?







Snigdha Dhar
English Teacher, Secondary (CBSE)
Class-teacher, 7C


Who am I?

Well, this question can hardly be answered using these twenty-six letters of the English alphabet! I am the one who too doesn’t know myself completely! Perplexed, isn’t it? Well, I am a fun-loving person, a teacher by profession, a caring wife and a doting mother of a 7-year old. Professionally speaking, I began my career as a freelance content writer and then slowly climbed the ladder and joined a reputed finance organization as a Senior Quality Assurance Specialist. Always passionate about reading, I always wanted to be a teacher and after my son was born, I decided to follow my passion. And now, here I stand – a teacher of English, teaching in CHIREC.