Education helps in expressing opinions and participating in moral discussions with different individuals. The integral growth of a human begins from this land of ethics and creates views and attitudes towards a good future.

Value and education extend over each other in some areas. The true intention of education is to help instill curiosity and develop a love for learning. It helps access the right information and arouses an appetite towards a desired goal, which in turn gives a person purpose and direction in life.

The pedagogy of CHIREC International School inculcates positive behaviors in students by encouraging participation in various social activities that develop respect, a sense of responsibility, etc.

The Hidden Curriculum wrapped in education enables students to keep human relations alive and build mutual respect. The values in education build positive attitudes towards the world around us and help in stepping into human existence.


Instilling values and beliefs

The Veni Rao Foundation, a community initiative undertaken by CHIREC, serves as an example of how values such as generosity and a positive attitude can elevate the quality of life of underprivileged students and senior citizens. The Foundation provides those in need with resources, guidance, and encouragement to be successful and happy in their lives.

The basic social practices of most of our religious beliefs – love, compassion, tolerance, and justice – need to be interlaced into the regular curriculum and must be cultivated in all forms of life. The values of self-control, self-discipline, contentment, and self-denial are some of the finest elements elaborating the underlying structure of traditional and religious values.

CHIREC shows a perfect blend of all these values. It necessitates that its students must learn to recognize different value-oriented arrangements and ways of thinking and learning. The above written intuited object of thoughts, ideas, if incorporated in every education system, will serve as a route to success.


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Pooja K.
Class teacher, I A (CBSE)

My mind is a blend of creative and abstract qualities, trying to make something well arising from talent, training, or practice for well worth to the institution. My originality in thoughts and state of mind never accept defeat, take constructive criticism well. Writing is my passion; my words jump off the page and try to infuse fascinating content. Greeting little kiddos at the door everyday help me commence a day on a positive and valuable note.